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Need 24 Hour Electrician, Commercial Electrician, Electrical Contractors, Electrical Services, Electrician, Emergency Electrician and Local Electrician? Call Sydney North Electrical.

An electrician is like a ‘man for all seasons’. Yes. This quote applies real well to an electrician. An electrician is relied upon for any type of electrical service you may seek in the domestic, industrial, or commercial setting. And so, whatever be it, appliance installations, fault finding, electrical repairs in KARIONG, fixing, services, electrical maintenance in Kariong, replacements, it is electricians who take care of it. And if it were an emergency electrical service, it is an experienced electrician who is sought on an immediate basis to rectify the electrical issue. And that is why the quote above makes a great fitment.

And in this if you want us to take care of-

  • Lights, Lighting Design
  • LED Conversions
  • Power Point Installations
  • Install Ceiling Fans
  • Data and Phones Cabling
  • TV and Antennas
  • Smoke Alarms Installation
  • Circuit Breakers/ RCDS
  • Setting Up Surge Protection Units
  • Setting up Switch and Switchboards
  • Fixing Interior and Exterior Lights and Powerpoints
  • Garden and Feature Lighting
  • Pool and Pond Lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • Underfloor Heating
  • Hot Water System Installations and Repairs
  • Testing and Tagging
  • Installing Exhaust Fans and Ceiling Fans

And so, if you want to touch base with a qualified electrician in Kariong, Sydney, who engages in a range of electrical services, then, it makes practical sense to go with Sydney North Electrical. And any electrical services in Kariong, you seek are most definitely offered by our electrician in Kariong.

To take care of any and all electrical services, our electricians believe in travelling in our service vehicle that is well-stocked with all the required tools, electrical equipment, gear, wiring, cables, safety switches and switchboards, powerpoints, light switches, circuit breakers and smoke alarms. And thereby, wherever our licensed, local electrician gets a service call from, we travel in our service vehicle that is prepped and prepared. And this way, we are on time, and take care of the service requirement within the stipulated time.

And in more ways than one, for thinking ahead and being well-prepared, and not to miss our experience, Sydney North Electrical is most definitely a trusted choice when it comes to commercial and domestic electricians and related electrical services and maintenance.

......Sydney North Electrical will handle and take care of all this for you......

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Our KARIONG electrical contractors, domestic electrician, and commercial electrician, are your reliable local electricians who are capable of taking care of any electrical service. Over time, Sydney North Electrical has served many customers' forging ongoing relationships and connections.

For any work our licensed electrician takes on, we believe in affordable, competitive pricing. And all that is waiting now is for you to just hire us. And if you are on the lookout for the perfect electrician, get on with hiring us.

  • A range of electrical services offered
  • Our costing is reasonable and we have affordable domestic electrician, residential electrician, and commercial electricians
  • Our licensed, local electrician offers first-rate services
  • If you need free no-obligation quotes, contact us
  • There is transparency in the costing and charges
  • We are punctual and attend to any service call
  • Our vehicle is well-stocked with whatever is required for a service call


Sydney North Electrical is a full-fledged electrical services company all complete with an experienced electrician for each setting. As in, we have a domestic electrician, commercial electrician, industrial electrician who is most of all a local electrician and a certified and licensed electrician at best. So anywhere in the roundabouts of Sydney, if you reside or own a building, and if you need a couple things attended to, with no shortcuts in quality, use branded and reliable products and follow all the safety protocols there is, then just reach out to us.

The Expert Licensed Electrician in Kariong

Electrical services are varied and needs and requisites arise at any given time. And this is because electricity is so integral and important to our everyday functioning and working, that we cannot do without it, and so, if a professional electrician is sought, for a planned, electrical service activity, or to attend to an emergency electrical situation, and most of all comes with the specialty experience in residential, domestic, or industrial electrical services, then get Sydney North Electrical to take care of it.

If in the search for a local electrician, just connect with Sydney North Electrical on 0431 461 273 or write to us at sydneynorthelectrical@outlook.com.

An Apex Electrical Service in and around the neighbourhood of Kariong

A Dependable Electrician extending to you a wide-range of Electrical Services

At anytime, you can just depend on your local electrician for a job to be taken care of. When an electrical service is needed, contact the electricians to take care of it.

Licensed and Qualified Electricians

Sydney North Electrical has licensed, trained, and certified electricians on board. And so, if you need an electrician who is licensed and competent to take care of any type of electrical service, then we are well suited.

The Local Electrician and Electrical Contractor in your Vicinity!

Who seems best qualified as your dependable electrical contractor and local electrician in and around Sydney? Well, just so you know, our industrial electrician, commercial electrician, or even our residential electrician or our domestic electrician are well-experienced and qualified and consequently, meet the criteria as your dependable local electrician. Depending on the electrical services you want attended to, and if you see experience as the talking point or want a range of electrical services attended to by the licensed electrical contractor who is well-aware of how to get it done, then the Sydney North Electrical experts are a phone call away!

Perfect Electrical Services offered in Kariong

At Sydney North Electrical, our electrician, say the industrial electrician or residential electrician offers electrical services that cater purely to residential, industrial, and commercial customers’. Whatever type of electrical services, be it domestic or commercial, training, and experience would be the highlight. Being able to cater to individual customer requisites is of importance for the electricians of Sydney North Electrical. And so you want pool and pond lighting installation or even LED conversions carried out, you can just get it done.

At times customers may be considering a renovation or want to carry out renovations, installations, complete new wiring of homes, installing shop fitouts, carrying out fault finding, electrical rewiring in KARIONG as part of the renovation in Kariong, rewiring, electrical installations in Kariong, electrical repairs and more, just connect with us.

Electrical Services Kariong

Principal Services we engage:

Powerpoint installations

Many homes may not really have enough number of power points. This rings in true especially for older homes, so that is why, as time goes by and with newer requirements and more appliances added in, powerpoint installations will also be needed. It could be anywhere in your home. In the kitchen, living or dining area, bedrooms, and bathrooms even.

So powerpoint installation and upgrades can be gotten from Sydney North Electrical and we will take care of it and will thoughtfully install powerpoints wherever you seek.

Interior and Exterior Lights and Power Points

If you want to add in more interior and exterior lights or need more power points or if you want an upgrade, or repair of existing interior and exterior lights, or if you are getting an electrical renovation done, then a revamp of the interior and exterior lights and power points too can be undertaken. That is a given. And this is something the electricians of Sydney North Electrical will handle at their end.

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is basically a planned and centralized heating setup wherein the climate and temperatures indoors are uniform and the heating happens evenly throughout the home or any building. The heating units are placed underneath the floor and this way, there is a proper heat radiation and conduction all through.

If you want underfloor heating done, just reach out to Sydney North Electrical.

Hot Water System Installations and Repairs

If you want a new hot water system installed or wants to go in for all new hot water system installations or an upgrade, then get the Kariong electricians from Sydney North Electrical to take care of it for you. Depending on the usage, and requirement, the size and type of hot water systems can be opted for. And in case, if you want any repairs done, then that too will be taken care of, just let us know and we will be there.

Setting Up Surge Protection Units

In order to cut down and reduce any power surges from occurring due to problems or when thunder and lightning strikes, it would be prudent to install protection equipment like a surge protector to help manage and contain these surges. The surge protection units will take care of it and the most important aspect is that it should be installed by an experienced electrician and you can contact Sydney North Electrical Company to take care of it.

TV and antennas

If you want antenna installations for your TV and more so you want digital antenna installations or want us to replace the old analog antennas, get Sydney North Electrical to do it for you.

Complete Wiring of New Homes

If it is a new construction or you need complete wiring and cabling undertaken in your new home in Kariong, just get the domestic electricians from Sydney North Electrical to take care of it. And a host of electrical services that will come under this or whatever is required for a new home will be installed and fixed.


Sydney North Electrical will take care of any electrical appliance, equipment, gear installations, and setting up. So in the domestic, commercial, and industrial sphere, whatever installations are needed, will be taken care of by our respective, licensed electricians in Kariong.

Shop Fitouts

If you want any shop fitouts to be installed, or upgraded or if you want to know more about the ideal location or design of shop fitouts, then get Sydney North Electrical to take care of all the shop fitouts placement, installations and maintenance too.

Electrical Renovations

If you are revamping or renovating your house, or if you own an older home then with time all the gear, equipment and gadgets becomes old and redundant. That is why an electrical renovation should be planned and carried out. As part of this new cabling, new wiring or rewiring, replacing old switches and switchboards, adding newer powerpoint installations and going in for new appliances and a host of features will come under a planned electrical renovation.

Electrical Repairs

It is but natural to experience troubleshooting or electrical services or electrical equipment breakdowns or shutdown. With usage and over a period of time, this is something that you can expect. And if electrical installations and upgrades form an important part of any electrical services, then electrical repairs and servicing is also equally important. It is very important to carry out the fault finding and understand where the problem is and carry out the electrical repairs accordingly.

So this requires experience and knowhow and the expert electricians from Sydney North Electrical will be able to take care of it for you.

Our Electrical Services

  • Electrical Renovation
  • Installations
  • Complete Wiring of New Homes
  • Shop Fitouts
  • Rewiring
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Fault Finding
  • Commercial /Industrial
  • Local/ Domestic/ Residential

For more reasons than one, the electrician of Sydney North Electrical is sought-after for any electrical services that we offer and therefore:

Data, Phones and TV Powerpoints

As part of the electrical renovation in Kariong 2250, want data cabling done? Is it to add more powerpoints for the phone or TV or want a new high-speed internet connection and so you seek to add powerpoints for data and TV connection. If you need powerpoints for a round of electrical upgrades in Kariong in your office or home, then our industrial or commercial electricians come in handy. If powerpoints are not in working condition, then as part of regular maintenance or new installations, get the electricians to do it. For powerpoints upgrade, electrical installation in Kariong, repair, or replacements, you can depend upon Sydney North Electrical.

Lights, Lighting Systems

Sydney North Electrical knows lights and lighting systems well. So, as part of an upgrade or as part of a renovation, if you want to go in for all new lighting, then get a round of rewiring done if required or it will be taken care of during renovations and install all new lights and lighting systems.

Lights, lighting systems, and lighting designs are very important to any building. And if it is all in place, then even more the If you are looking at adding specific lights in specific areas want the lighting systems in place or want a specialised lighting design, then you need expert electricians who know what type of lights need to go where. Also based on the layout and how your home or workplace is, the lighting design is also determined accordingly by the electrical contractor of Sydney North Electrical.

And yes, if the lighting design is neatly done, the interiors really look great. And that is why interior designing and lighting designs do at times go hand-in-hand. If the lighting design basics are firmly in place, as in ambient lighting, mood or accent lighting and task-based lighting designs are firmly followed, your home or workplace or any space will look great.

Electrical Services Kariong

Switch and Switchboards Upgrade and Installing

If you want to replace existing switch and switchboards or want to install a whole new set of switchboards which is part of renovations of course, then it is prudent to get a switchboard upgrade or renovation done, and this can be better handled by an experienced domestic electrician or say commercial electrician. And yes, stressing on the fact that Sydney North Electrical adheres to the customary Australian Standards AS300 and as per this, switchboard installing, any installations, upgrades, and a repair is carried out.

Electrical Rewiring

If you are planning renovations, or a renovation, then you need to get the building’s electrical system rewired or you should consider a round of rewiring. Based on whether you want it all rewired, or want to go in for new writing or rewiring, dependent of course on what the renovation is all about, the expert electrician from Sydney North Electrical will plan it thus. The electrical rewiring is based on the renovation job, what is needed, and upgrades planned. Most of all, the electrical rewiring is important for a faultless and continued working of the electrical systems in a building.

Our Services


Electrical services for house which requires repairs, installation, upgrades, wiring and rewiring forms a part of the residential..


Any type of electrical service albeit for a commercial space coupled with maintenance, installations, repairs and other services..


Electrical services undertaken for larger industrial plants, and companies and the electrical service is part of a regular..


Ongoing electrical service and maintenance work that includes repairs and upgrades. It is applicable to domestic, commercial..


Any type of electrical service upgrade or improvisation to existing electrical service, or equipment can be referred to as an upgrade..


If your building or home is undergoing a renovation and you seek an electrical service renovation, then rewiring or changing of the..


All and any type of repairs of electrical appliances and switchboards or repairs that come under the purview of electrical....


Electrical services are broadly all-encompassing so any type of services that is electrical in nature is what it is all about ..


As part of a building renovation, you may go in for an electrical revamp or renovation too building renovation..

Electrical Fault Finding

When an electrical appliance, gear or equipment does not work, or there is some fault it may be to do with the appliance itself or some electrical fault finding is required. And for this, get an expert electrician in Kariong to take care of the repair and the fault finding.

RCD Safety Switches

RCD installations and RCD safety switches installation is important for any building. If there is a power outage, and there is some issues with the lighting being there or not being there, and in order to avoid or complicate issues, it is best to have RCD safety switches installed as this will take care of any of these issues. And anytime this happens, the electrician in Kariong from Sydney North Electrical Services will take care of it.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarm installation is much required and is compulsory to be installed in any building. The electrician at Sydney North Electrical knows about its importance and relevance too Just installing it doesn’t complete it. It requires regular inspection, service, repair, and maintenance. And if you want smoke alarm installation, inspections, and service done in Kariong, reach out to us.


Want to know where and why timers are installed? And want to know if it is linked to any appliance? Do you know what the functionality of a timer or time switch is? Yes. It goes by multiple names. But essentially mean the same. It is also known as timer, timer switch, or even time switch. Timers are of a standard grade ideal for use in domestic, industrial, or commercial settings. It is used in HVAC units like heating systems, air conditioning, lighting, ventilation, water pumps, and water heaters. Basically it works when it is connected to an electrical switch or plug point.

Install Ceiling Fans

If you are thinking of going in for a ceiling fan upgrade, or want new exhaust fans or ceiling fans installed, for many reasons, it is good to go in for a complete upgrade with exhaust fans or ceiling fans as this will ensure that it works for a long period of time. Not to miss, experienced electricians who have installed it well will make all the difference.

Hot plates and electric ovens

Do you want to rewire your kitchen area to help install new electric ovens and hot plates? Or want a repair or upgrade of the existing oven or hot plates? Just connect with the electricians from Sydney North Electrical to take care of it.

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Lights and lighting system installations in Kariong

No can really live without lights or good lighting systems. And that is why, experience is the main factor because for any type or brand lights and lighting fixtures to be installed, be it pool or pond lighting, garden lighting security lighting or even , LED lighting, its installations will have to be carried out in view of that.

And so, expert electrical services by the electrician from Sydney North Electrical in Kariong can take care of the lights and lighting systems installing.

Sydney North Electrical will take care of any lighting and lighting systems you want installed in your place in Kariong. The different lighting and lighting systems we install would be:

LED Lighting

LED lights are becoming very popular and will soon be a popular choice of lighting for all. This is because it is loaded with positives and it costs lesser and consumes lesser power too. And not to miss it has good brightness too. It is perfect for the environment owing to its sustainable quality. That is why Sydney North Electrical has laid special emphasis on LED lighting installations.


If you are considering LED conversions or upgrades, and before installing LED lights, or before having new LED lights installed, then you need to be aware of the existing fixtures wattage, what type of lighting was installed previously, what upgrades are needed, and how much of a cost advantage LED conversions or upgrade really offers.

Also where the LED conversions are planned, and if it will augment or change the look of that room or increase the aesthetic value should also be considered.

Sensor Lighting

Sensor lights are basically connected or linked to an electronic device that can intuitively sense any motion, or movement or and immediately triggers activation. Depending on the way it is designed or where it is featured to be, the sensor lights are placed and its applications and functions are accordingly determined. The sensor lights automatically switch on or off, and it is programmed accordingly.

Outdoor Lighting

Sydney North Electrical specialises in any and all kinds of outdoor light installations. So, if you want to augment or add to the way your house looks, or want to give your property an added aura, then the outdoor lights and lighting fixtures will have to be as good. Not just this, only experienced electricians will know how and where it should be placed and what type of lighting is required where. So this is definitely one of our specialty features too.

Pool and Pond Lighting

Accentuate and better the way your pool and pond area looks with an all new set of lighting designed exclusively for your pond or pool area. This type of lighting adds to the overall ambience and adds a touch of dimension that really befits the location, your liking and it can be modified as per requirement, choice, and mood too. Add a touch of drama to your surroundings with the range of pool and pond lighting made available.

Garden and Feature Lighting

To augment you’re the exteriors and interiors of your home and also your garden area, it is good to go in for feature lighting or exclusive garden area lighting. With select lighting and fixing lighting systems in select areas of your garden area and also anywhere inside your home, and this can be roof mounted, wall mounted or even placed on the ground, whatever be it, you just have to share your requisites with the electricians from Sydney North Electrical and we will more than add to the looks and overall tone and mood with our garden and feature lighting installations.

Emergency Lighting

In an industrial plant or commercial building or even an office space, there is a prescribed mandate that emergency lighting should be installed and should be fully functional and should automatically work in the event of any power outage or any emergency situation. And this lighting will have to be working at all times. This ensures safety for all people in the building. And this is one of the other lighting installations the electricians of Sydney North Electrical undertake.

Electrical Services Kariong

Security Lighting

Security lighting is what it implies. To ensure all-round security and to add to the security and safety features, security lighting is ideal to have installed in your home, office, or even industry. At times, if there is a power outage, the security lighting feature kicks in and ensures that protection happens round-the-clock. To also prevent against any thieving or robbery, security lighting comes in real handy.

Electrical Services & Maintenance in Kariong

Preparation is everything. So it is good to be on top of things when it comes to taking care of electrical problems and undertaking any electrical services and maintenance. If you want circuit breakers or RCD installing done or get a smoke alarm installed or get security lighting features installed by the pros at Sydney North Electrical.

Experience is everything and that is why electrical services and maintenance work should be entrusted to talented, expert, electricians and electrical contractors from an electrical services company like Sydney North Electrical in Kariong.

Smooth functioning of electrical services is important for all. That is why ongoing electrical services and maintenance should be scheduled.

Sydney North Electrical Services in Kariong will take care of all and any electrical services and maintenance in terms of domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Domestic/Residential Electrician in Kariong

Just reaching out to the electricians of Sydney North Electrical in Kariong, is more than sufficient. And if it is work on the residential or domestic sector, then our domestic electricians will take care of it accordingly.

Our electrical services company in Kariong 2250, offers domestic or residential electrical services.

Just get the local electrician from Sydney North Electrical to handle everything. Issues with the switch or switchboards, rewiring, electrical renovation, data cabling, new wiring, installing light systems, circuit breakers, smoke alarm installation and servicing, it is all handled at our end.

Industrial/Commercial Electrician Kariong

Continual power supply and continued working of the electrical gear and devices is important for any commercial establishment, or industry,. So, if there an issue or problem in this regard, only a commercial electrician or an industrial electrician in Kariong can handle it.

And licensed electricians from Sydney North Electrical will come in handy. We have industrial and commercial electricians on board.

Electrical Safety Inspection in Kariong

Many a time, if a circuit breaker or RCD installation has not happened properly, or if any electrical device and appliance is not correctly installed, then problems are bound to arise. And this can cause grievous problems that can have negative impacts.

So that is why electrical safety inspection, checking and testing is imperative and has to be undertaken.

The electricians of Sydney North Electrical Company will handle electrical safety and inspection on a regular basis. And our our licensed Kariong electrician would:

  • Inspect all electrical circuit breakers, RCDs and powerpoints
  • Check and evaluate switches, lights and lighting systems
  • Circuit breaker and RCD installations testing
  • Inspect and assess electrical appliances
  • Smoke alarms installation, maintenance and service
  • Switchboards upgrade and repairs

Local Electrician in Kariong- Insured and Licensed

Sydney North Electrical Services is fully insured and licensed and is a full-fledged member of NECA and Master Electricians. And for undertaking any work in and around the Kariong, Sydney areas and surrounding areas we are licensed and have the permissions too.

We follow all established protocol and safety measures and everything is done the way it should be.

No work is too big or too small for us. We approach every work the same way.

If you want to contact the electricians from Sydney North Electrical, write to us at sydneynorthelectrical@outlook.com or call us on 0431 461 273.

Circuit Breakers/ RCD Safety Switch Installations in Kariong


Do you think circuit breakers or an RCD safety switch installation will be very helpful in your place in Kariong?

It is common knowledge that electrical problems, issues or even accidents in Kariong or anywhere can be prevented if RCD installation in Kariong is done.

And that is why RCDs- Residual Current Devices installing in Kariong has to be compulsorily undertaken in homes or offices. At least two RCDs have to be set up or fixed in a home so this ensures safety and prevention of any electrical fire.

RCD Switch Installation in Kariong

The electricians of Sydney North Electrical can take care of a RCD or circuit breaker installation. We want to lay emphasis on the fact that having an RCD installed in your place is of utmost importance. And this safety device is utmost helpful and protects all.

When you go in for circuit breakers or RCD- Residual Current Devices installing, the safety of people is also ensured.

The importance of circuit breakers, RCD safety switch installation and RCD safety switch testing

CDs offer that extra bit of security and safety in any place and prevents electrocution and works as a good surge protection device too.

It comes loaded with huge benefits and is like an extra circle of protection and so it is ideal to have it installed.

This is how Sydney North Electrical will make a difference when it comes to testing and installing RCDs:

  • Our electricians are certified and licensed Masters and NECA electricians who specialise in RCD- Residual Current Devices installing and testing
  • We are dependable Sydney, Kariong-based electricians
  • We have electricians who can take care of many different electrical services
  • We are concerned and that is why we recommend RCD installation
  • The RCD service, testing and installing is undertaken by local knowledgeable, electricians in Kariong
  • Unparalleled Residual Current Devices (RCD) installing and RCD service carried out well

Residential/Domestic Electrical Services in Kariong

Reliable Residential Electrician in Kariong

Local Electrician in Kariong

Want a good, reliable, local, residential electrician, or a domestic electrician in Kariong, then connect with the local electrician from Sydney North Electrical, a local electrical services company in Kariong.

Our proficient local domestic electrician in Kariong 2250 has been offering our residential clients’ electrical services that apply to what is offered as part of domestic or residential electrical services. And if you want anything rewired, or need problem solving or answers to issues, breakdowns and repairs, get in touch with us.

Domestic / Residential Electrician in Kariong

Sydney North Electrical aims to and works towards offering high-quality electrical services to customers by offering these wide-ranging services:

  • Electrical Renovations
  • Installations
  • Complete Wiring of New Homes
  • Rewiring
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Fault Finding
  • Lights, Lighting Design
  • LED Conversions
  • Power Point Installations
  • Install Ceiling Fans
  • Data and Phones
  • TV and Antennas
  • Smoke Alarms Installation
  • Circuit Breakers/ RCDs
  • Setting Up Surge Protection Units
  • Switch and Switchboards Installing
  • Interior and Exterior Lights and Power Points
  • Garden and Feature Lighting
  • Pool and Pond Lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • Underfloor Heating
  • Hot Water System Installations and Repairs

If you are certain, just give Sydney North Electrical a call anytime! Our experienced, fully insured and licensed electricians will take care of the domestic or residential electrical services. For this, call our electrician on 0431 461 273 or write to us at sydneynorthelectrical@outlook.com.

Commercial Electrical Services in Kariong

Accomplished Commercial & Industrial Electricians in Kariong take care of a range of electrical services!

The much wanted, much sought electricians for industrial and commercial electrical services in Kariong

There is no industrial or commercial building that can function without accomplished electricians. And for any enterprise or even building, electrical services are at the base of it all and it is vital for day-to-day working. And so, to set right electrical service problems, want a rewire, or testing and tagging, or appliance installation done, or for repairs and support an experienced electrician is required. This is something Sydney North Electrical knows and has on board experienced electricians and takes care of a range of electrical services too. For all of this and more, we have experienced commercial and industrial electricians.

Industrial/Commercial Electricians in Kariong

Learn about some benefits commercial and industrial electricians from Sydney North Electrical can do for you:

  • For Sydney North Electrical industrial electrician in Kariong and similarly our commercial electrician in Kariong, customer satisfaction is everything.
  • Our industrial and commercial electricians in Kariong are ascribed and competent NECA and Master electrical service contractors.
  • Our charges are comparable and reasonable and our electricians confirm costs and charges before work starts with our commercial or industrial sector clients’. We have talented commercial, domestic, and industrial electricians in Kariong to handle it all.
  • At any job location, you will not see any leftovers or rubbish pile up after a work is handled by us. We clean up the place completely before we leave and there is no cause for concern in that regard.
  • We have with us electricians who are certified, trained and licensed.

If you want to contact our electrician who specialises in industrial and commercial electrical services in Kariong, then contact Sydney North Electrical. You may call our electrician on 0431 461 273 or write to us at sydneynorthelectrical@outlook.com.

Our Services

Specialized electrical services taken on by skilled electricians in Kariong

At Sydney North Electrical, we take care of it a lot. We have gotten our electricians up to speed and got them to adapt to changing trends and services. And this in a way we have on board electricians who are trained well and can handle anything.

No matter what electrical service you need done, in your residence or office, our skilled electricians will take care.

All-inclusive electrical services- Sydney North Electrical

Sydney North Electrical offers all-inclusive electrical services package that takes care of most and any electrical service requirement sought by domestic, residential, commercial and industrial customers’. And if you want rewiring, wiring of new or old homes, renovations and fitouts installations, we will handle it.

Just believe in us and get us to be your preferred electrical service contractor and electrician for reasons like:

  • We handle all types of electrical services irrespective of the size.
  • Our charges are comparable and cost-effective.
  • Our local, licensed electrician can be reached anytime.
  • The service quality shown by our domestic or commercial electricians are unequaled.
  • We do give a free no obligations quote.
  • There are no separate costs or charges; everything is discussed first-hand.
  • Our electricians complete work on time and within the confirmed timelines.
  • We have vehicles that are well-stocked and that way, there is no time lost as our electricians have everything they need.

Whatever electrical service you seek for your home, workplace or commercial building, our local electricians in Kariong will take care.

Smoke Alarm Services in Kariong


Want an expert electrician to have a smoke alarm installation services in Kariong? Are you considering to have it installed anywhere in Kariong? Want a rewire for your currently installed smoke alarms?

Well, your requisites could range between ongoing smoke alarm inspections in Kariong, smoke alarm service in Kariong, and to install smoke alarms in Kariong, and professional electricians in and around Kariong are required to take care of this. And to have it installed and maintenance to be carried out on a regular basis, a dependable electrical services company who specialise in smoke alarms is required, and in this, Sydney North Electrical is just perfect.

Any place, be it a home, office or even commercial building installs smoke alarms. Yes, smoke alarm detectors can save lives and property, because they can sense and detect smoke or fire very fast and alert the residents or occupants of the building.

Everywhere be it in Kariong, Sydney, anywhere in Australia, and across the world, smoke alarm detectors would really help and if anyone installs it, their safety is assured. And most of all it comes highly recommended. Everyone installs it, because it is a requisite.


There is a mandatory rule which is determined by the Australian Public Health and Safety department that people installs at least 240 volt wattage smoke alarm detectors in their buildings.

So basically if you have gotten your building rewired, or a rewire is planned as part of a renovation, then it has to factor in this aspect.

Fire can occur anytime. That is why it is better to be alert and prepared and have good smoke alarm detectors installed.

And so, if smoke alarms installation is undertaken, then a repair, service, maintenance, upgrade, and inspection will have to be scheduled too.

There are many types of smoke alarms, so depending on your requirement, size of the building, location and other parameters, it has to be installed.

It is always good to go with branded products and that is what the electrical services company, Sydney North Electrical also so believes in.

If you want a rewire or smoke alarm installation, contact Sydney North Electrical!

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