What are our specialisations in the electrical services domain?

Sydney North Electrical was started in Wyoming, NSW in the year 2014. The owner Alistair Blyth has over 12 years of experience in the electrical trade and services profession. And therefore, we are most definitely a wholly Australian owned and operated company.

The work undertaken by our domestic electrician in Gosford, NSW includes:
  • Electrical repairs in Gosford
  • Electrical rewiring in Gosford
  • Electrical upgrades in Gosford
  • Electrical installation in Gosford
  • Electrical renovation in Gosford
  • Electrical services in Gosford
  • Domestic electrical maintenance in Gosford

Well, we cater primarily to the domestic, commercial and industrial segments. And in that if you seek strata maintenance, we are good for that. Also, when it comes to new house constructions if you want our electricians to take care of any installing, or install any equipment or appliance and all the electrical services it entails and also when it comes house renovations, a rewire, an upgrade of any kind, are something that we really consider as one of our specialised services owing to our experience and expertise too.

Want to get your place rewired? Want to know if our electrician installs any type of appliance? Well for all this and more, at any time you seek renovations, appliance installations, repairs, upgrades, rewiring, maintenance, and related services carried out by an experienced electrician, you now know who to reach out to.

If you are looking for a free no obligations quote, or if you want to know more about the electrical services we have on offer, contact us on 0431 461 273 or write to us at sydneynorthelectrical@outlook.com.

About Us

The electrical services domain is ever expanding and the trends and approach to work is constantly evolving and changing. Also, as awareness is on the high, and the laws are also seeing changes, it is but natural for any business to learn to adapt, and adopt the changes and include it seamlessly into the business process.

And this is exactly what our electricians have set out to do and are doing. So, if the world is increasingly welcoming and willing to 'go green' and adapt eco-friendly measures in every sphere of life, then we are more than happy to assist in the electrical services domain too.

Our areas of service include Sydney's upper shore and the Central Coast up to the GOSFORD region.

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